The Hays Farm History

Discover the Rich History of Hays Farm in South Huntsville

Nestled in the heart of South Huntsville, Alabama, Hays Farm stands as a testament to the enduring bond between family, nature, and community. Steeped in history, this sprawling 850-acre expanse of land has served as a haven for generations of the Hays family, offering a sanctuary where memories were made and traditions are upheld.

A Legacy of Family Traditions
The story of Hays Farm begins with two brothers and their nephew, who shared a deep love for the outdoors and the simple pleasures it afforded. Growing up, they would eagerly anticipate the arrival of duck hunting season, spending countless hours exploring the fields and marshes that dotted the landscape. But it wasn’t just about the thrill of the hunt; it was the camaraderie and sense of kinship that they cherished most.

After a successful day in the field, the brothers and their nephew would gather around the table for a hearty breakfast, swapping stories and reliving the adventures of the morning. For them, Hays Farm was more than just a piece of land—it was a cherished retreat where family bonds were strengthened and memories were etched into the fabric of time.

Preserving a Piece of Paradise
Despite their deep attachment to the land, the family eventually made the decision to open up Hays Farm to the South Huntsville community by offering a place to live and play. Recognizing the opportunity to create something truly special for the community, they chose to entrust the future of Hays Farm to those who would benefit most from its natural beauty.

With its lush forests, winding trails, and tranquil waters, Hays Farm embodies the very essence of outdoor living. Here, residents are encouraged to reconnect with nature and embrace the sights and sounds that surround them. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll along one of the many trails or a quiet moment spent birdwatching by the water’s edge, Hays Farm offers a sanctuary where one can truly feel at home.

Embracing Nature, Enriching Lives
At Hays Farm, we understand the importance of preserving our natural heritage for future generations to enjoy. That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly to create a community that celebrates the beauty of the outdoors while providing modern amenities and conveniences for today’s residents.

With over 10 miles of trails to explore and a host of recreational opportunities at your fingertips, Hays Farm invites you to experience the best that South Huntsville has to offer. Whether you’re seeking adventure or simply looking to unwind in a serene setting, you’ll find it all here amidst the trees, water, and birdsong.

Join Us at Hays Farm South Huntsville
Discover a place where the past meets the present and nature intertwines with community at Hays Farm. Whether you’re looking for your dream home or simply seeking a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we invite you to make Hays Farm your next destination.

Come home to Hays Farm South Huntsville—where the beauty of the outdoors awaits, and the spirit of family and community thrives.

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